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  1. Life at MSMC channel made by a Mount Saint Mary’s University student for students, for more interaction. This channel would post what happens through both semesters in the school year. Interviewing staffs for resources, and other college students for tips to use.

  2. One of the varieties of breakfast at MSMC.

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  3. Hi everyone, Michelle here!

    The upcoming school year I am starting a YouTube channel for MSMU. Our school has one by employees but I made one by students for students. If you have any questions or tips you want to ask please email me at: and I will be posting videos once a week whenever I can (depending on my class and work schedule). I highly recommend this for incoming freshmen. If you have and questions feel free to contact me. Videos will start airing when school starts! Don’t forget to subscribe! :)

    Mount St. Mary’s College wishes our current students and our followers a happy and relaxing summer break.  Remember to stay cool!  Our bloggers will start posting regularly in August!  See you then!

  4. Hello everyone! 

    For the next school year I will be starting a vlog for my life at Mount Saint Mary’s College. I know it says Mount Saint Mary’s University, that is because there was a unanimous vote from the board of the name change! So January 1, 2015 we will be known as Mount Saint Mary’s University. We also have an original YouTube channel ran by the staff. I wanted to create one that was made by a student for students so it will be more interactive. In this channel I would be posting what happens during the semester, talking to staff for resources, and other student for college tips. Please keep in mind, I also have my personal channel so I will be posting videos when I can and post them here on Tumblr as well. Please subscribe and let’s looks forward to the upcoming school year! 

    Subscribe here! 

    - Michelle Balingit
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